Friday, October 6, 2017

 Quick Laptop Repair

Quick Laptop repairs Services
 Connection issues to Internet
- File Sharing docs,photos,videos and music
- Faster network Solutions
- Internet Radio

Mobile Phones
- Setup
- File transfer photos,music,contacts and videos
- Battery upgrades

All Apple Products
- Program Issues
- Connection problems
- Sync issues with other apple products
- Itunes Sharing Music and Video
- Icloud problems or setup
Computers up to 6 years are still fast enough to cope with all the daily demands that most people use them for.
Casing, keyboards, screens, power connectors and adapters can be replaced at very low prices!
A lot of slowness issues are commonly due to Viruses, overheating and a high amount of programs running in the back ground that aren't being used, even some motherboards or graphics can be fixed!
It might not be the end yet :)

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